Improve and Expand Your Business with Cloud Waybill System

Perfectly suits most of all B2C, B2B or e-commerce

Cloud Waybill System (CWS)

Cloud Waybill System (CWS)  is a self-service software developed by 9949 Express that is tailored for big customers with demand on order-management services. With a flexible interface, CWS makes it easy to query/manage orders, manage shipments on commission, batch print labels, book online, in order to provide you comprehensive services.

Our Cloud Waybill System(CWS) are tailored specifically for B2B, B2C or e-commerce

The CWS system is built for rapid growth of e-commerce

No installation, no hassle and effort, plus the support of our technical team to ensure your business grows fast.

Support a variety of terminals, mobile phones, tablets, and computers can be used without installation, and can be used normally with a network, and supports multiple languages.

No installation required

Runs in the cloud without occupying customer computer space

Scan the QR code to check the waybill

Scan the QR code to check the status of the waybill without manually entering the waybill number

Batch print waybill

Support A4, A5, 150*100, 100*75 single-sided printing

One-key call door-to-door pickup

No need to queue, one-click to call the courier to pick up the parcel


Check product status Please scan the QR code.

Easy without having to key in the parcel number.