Send parcels with 9949 Express in 4 easy steps

Turning difficult things into simple ones, saving time, reducing costs, helping your business grow faster.

Manage Orders

Create Waybill Information via Cloud Waybill System (CWS)

Print the waybill

Print the waybill and pack your package

Notify Courier

Notify the courier to pick up the parcel

Awaiting pickup

Staying at home, waiting for the courier to pick up the parcel

Return Free

365 days all over Thailand

One piece is also free to pick up at your door, and the whole Thailand is delivered quickly to your door


17 Baht 



22 Baht 



27 Baht 


* Supports the delivery of packages with a maximum weight of 100KG and a length of no more than 150CM

COD service as low as 2%

Self-registered COD service without waiting Daily settlement at the lowest rate 2%


Cloud Waybill System

Convenient and fast order creation can be completed in 30 seconds

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